Boys Lacrosse Renton Washington

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The Liberty Lacrosse Organization relies on parent volunteers throughout the year to support and grow the club.  The club could not exist without volunteers.

We are always looking for volunteers; We welcome and encourage all parents to participate. 


Why volunteer for your lacrosse team?

Volunteering provides an opportunity to support the team and learn the game.

It takes a lot to run an organization and we’re asking for more parent involvement for the upcoming Spring 2022 Season. Each family is being asked to volunteer, completing tasks before the end of the season:

  • 1 volunteer task for each player in the family
  • If the requirement is met, the family will be reimbursed $50 for each player
  • You may volunteer for more tasks than the minimum volunteer hours, but you will only be reimbursed $50 for each player in your family.


What kinds of tasks can I volunteer for?

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities:

  • Spring Season Team Support
    • Team Parent – This role is the interface between the team and coaches.  The Team Parent assists with tasks such as communications, scheduling, tracking the volunteer sign-up list, and uniform distribution. This enables the coaches to coach and focus on planning for practices and games.
    • Coaches – Develop player skills, lead practices, and manage games throughout the season. Youth coaches for ages K-2 and 3/4 (5/6 and 7/8 as needed).
    • Coaching Assistants – Help coaches execute drills, warmups, and manage the sideline at practices/games as available.
    • Announcer - (High School games only) Introductions of the home/away players.
  • Game Day On-Field (home games @ Maywood):
  • Organizational Support
    • Fundraising – Plan, set up, and assist with the Club Social and clothing drive. Additionally, help with end-of-season party and other events.
    • Events and Activities – Senior Day, lacrosse clinics, end-of-season party
    • Recruiting – Sign and poster distribution, set up and attend events, communications.
    • Community Outreach – Liberty Lacrosse is still a young organization and we are always working hard to get the word out to our community.  This may include community education, recruiting, and marketing.


How do I volunteer?

Virtual sign-up sheets (coming soon!) will be made available for each team to reserve volunteer tasks.  More information will be sent to players’ families as the season schedule becomes solidified and we get closer to the beginning of the season.


Questions?  Please reach out to the .