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Liberty Lacrosse Code of Conduct


The core beliefs of the Liberty Lacrosse club are to always “Honor The Game” and to “Do the Right Thing.”

Lacrosse should be fun for players, coaches, and parents. Our club exists to provide a safe environment to enable athletes the opportunity to experience competition with a positive and supportive philosophy.

As a coaches, players, or parents, we have the opportunity and responsibility to represent the Liberty community in the best manner possible. Other organizations have had similar intentions, but without a documented policy have encountered issues that have produced serious and unfortunate outcomes.

All players and at least one parent/guardian must sign the Code of Conduct before the season begins.

Any conduct that reflects poorly on the Liberty Lacrosse Club; including abusive language, insensitive remarks, physical damage to property, belongings, or threatening behavior is deemed unacceptable and will not be tolerated. This code includes written material and online social media content. This rule applies to all players, coaches, parents, siblings, and guests at all times during events when LLC is being represented.

This club is built on inclusiveness, positive support, and good sportsmanship. We understand that playing the sport of lacrosse for the Liberty Lacrosse Club is privilege and certain types of behavior will be considered unacceptable and could lead to a warning, suspension, or expulsion as deemed appropriate by the Liberty Lacrosse Club Board. The LLC Board will deal with unacceptable conduct at is sole discretion. ANY SUSEPENSION OR EXPULSION BASED ON VIOLATIONS OF THE CODE OF CONDUCT WILL NOT BE ACCOMPANIED BY A TUITION REFUND


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