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Lacrosse Equipment and Gear


Required Player Equipment

A detailed description of required player equipment can be found in the US Lacrosse Equipment Fitting Guide

Additional equipment information can be found at

LABEL ALL PERSONAL GEAR – Expect that another player will have identical gear and your child or coach will need to be able to identify found gear.


Footwear: Athletic shoes are acceptable at the youngest ages, but players should progress to cleats by 3rd grade.  Soccer cleats are acceptable and used by many youth players, with players adopting lacrosse cleats as personal preference and positional performance requires.   All cleats must have rubberized spikes (no metal spikes)


Water Bottles: Select a water bottle with long straw to allow players to hydrate without taking off gear.  This saves time in practice. and label them in an obvious manner so players can identify their own easily.  Examples:

Mouth Guards: Select a mouthguard style and size according to player needs and preference.  Retention strings are not required, but a carry case is case is suggested for loose mouthgaurds.

Base Layers – Base layers such as compression pants/shirts can be worn under uniforms and gear according to the players preferences. Blue or black are preferred for games days to match the team uniforms.

Gear Bag – A bag is suggested for transporting gear and can be selected according to personal preferences.

Goalie Gear – will be made available in practices and games as necessary, but players specializing in these roles are welcome to use their own gear if they have it.  Contact coaches for questions.

Defensive Poles are available to 56 and 78 teams for use in practices and games, but players specializing in these roles are welcome to use their own gear if they have it.  Contact coaches for questions.


Equipment Maintenance

Parents should check their player’s equipment throughout the season for safety concerns and overall condition. Your coaches can provide guidance on repairs.

Sticks: Inspect and repair frayed or loose shooting top, sidewall, and shooting strings, loose heads, exposed stick ends, bent shafts, etc. 

Gloves: Check for torn fingers or torn/missing palms, loose wrist gaurds

Mouthgaurds: Inspect for proper fit and damage, especially for kids with shifting teth due to orthodontics

Helmets: Check for proper fit of chinstrap, attachment of facemask and pads, and function of adjustment mechanism.


Training Aids

The following can be useful in practicing Lacrosse at home and are found anywhere that sells lacrosse gear.



Finding Equipment

  • Liberty Lacrosse Gear Store – Check your email for link and code to get select gear at club discount
  • Loaner Gear – Liberty Lacrosse has loaner gear available first year players trying the sport with deposit. (Mouthguard, cup, water bottle, and gear bag are not included.)
  • has a retail storefront in Bellevue, WA.
  • Dick’s Sports – Some selection but varies widely by season and store
  • Online:  (Remember to support Liberty Lacrosse using
  • Used Gear: Superior Seconds, Goodwill, Craigslist, etc. but check all gear condition
    • Sticks – beware exposed ends, loose/cracked heads, frayed strings around head, bent sticks
    • Gloves – beware torn or missing palms and grips