Boys Lacrosse Renton Washington

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Game Info

Scheduling and Notifications

Game will be loaded into the Liberty Lacrosse schedule for each age group. This is visible on the Liberty Lacrosse webpage.

The club webpage and SI Play app will provide practice reminders if you opt in to receive them.  See Communications Section for instructions.

Arrival Times

Schedule reminders will indicate game start times – the faceoff!  Players must arrive early to gear up and go through the team’s pre-game routine.  Typically this means arriving 45-60 minutes before gametime.  Please consult your player’s coach for age-specific expectations.


  • Players must be in full protective gear and wear game uniform top/shorts for all games.
  • Players must bring their own water to games – practice fields do not have drinking fountains.


Games are held in inclement weather - assume games are on unless you get a cancellation notification. Last minute cancellation notifications will come from manager/coach directly, check your phone/email before heading to practice.

When the potential for degrading weather exists, such as extreme cold, accumulating snow, or heavy wind/rain/lightening, please remain at games in case of last minute cancelations.

Post-Game Ceremonies

Honor The Game: Teams at 34 and 56 levels will each recognize two opponent players after each game to recognize effort and sportsmanship.  Parents should come out to the team to celebrate this honor.

Team Shout Outs: Youth teams will gather after the game to review game successes and recognize the efforts of their peers.  Parents are welcome to listen in.


Locations vary and will be indicated in the game reminder and on the schedule. 

Most facilities have strict rules regarding viewing areas, chairs/tents, and food/beverage to protect their turf.  Please honor these restrictions.