Boys Lacrosse Renton Washington

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Small Field Play


Small Field Play is used at the K-2 and 3-4 age levels to develop skills through increased playtime and touches made possible by the smaller field.  Players will rotate through all positions and focus on developing core skills. 

Gameplay rules are changed to emphasize team play and adjust for the smaller field:

  • K-2 division uses a 4 foot goal and no goalie
  • At least two players and Goalie (if used) must stay in defensive half.
  • At least two players must remain in attacking half
  • Time serving penalties are not enforced.  Instead the player is substituted off for a “teaching moment” with the coaches
  • One midfielder will line up as a wing player for faceoffs and line up on opposite sides of field from opponent wing player.
  • Faceoff player cannot score directly.  (They may not win the faceoff, scoop the ball, and score a goal on their own.) This restriction is no longer a factor as soon as any non-faceoff player gains possession of the ball.


The field is set up to run between the full field sidelines. 

GELL field diagram: