Boys Lacrosse Renton Washington

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Individual Skill Development


Lacrosse players should develop the basic ability to pass, catch and move with the ball at home.  This will allow them and their teammates to focus on learn game play in practices.

Stick Skills – Instructional videos illustrating the basic stick skills.

Wall Ball – “Hitting the Wall” every day is a great way to build up skill, strength, and speed in stick skills. 


Description of Lacrosse Skills

Catching: The act of receiving a passed ball with the crosse.

Checking: The act of attempting to dislodge the ball from an opponent's stick. 

Poke Check: A stick check in which the player pokes the head of his stick at an opponent's stick or lower hand in attempt to get them to drop the ball or retreat.

Lift Check: A stick check in which the player lifts the butt end of an opponents stick in order to force them to drop the ball.

Slap Check: A stick check in which a player slaps the head of his stick against his opponent's stick. When executed from behind in pursuit of a player attempting to shoot or pass it may be called a Trail Check.

Wrap Check: A one-handed check in which the defender swings his stick around his opponent's body to dislodge the ball. (This check is only legal at the highest level of play.)

Cradling: The coordinated motion of the arms and wrists that keeps the ball secure in the pocket and ready to be passed or shot when running. 

Cutting: A movement by an offensive player without the ball, toward the opponent's goal, in anticipation of a feed and shot. 

Dodging: Quick movement of an offensive player carrying the ball to get around a defending opponent.  Many types of dodges exist and one or more elements of dodges may be combined in sequence to evade the defense.

Feeding: Passing the ball to a teammate who is in position for a shot on goal. 

Passing: The act of throwing the ball to a teammate with the crosse. Players begin with a basic overhand pass using either side of body.  Advanced techniques include sidearm, cross-hand, behind the back and underhand passing.

Scooping: The act of picking up a loose ball with the crosse, which should be done on the move, continuing away from the area with the ball without stopping. Two players can work together to get an advantage in retrieving ground balls when one calls ‘MAN’ and blocks out the opponent and the other calls ‘BALL’ and is able to scoop the ball and run uncontested.

Screening: An offensive tactic in which a player near the crease positions himself so as to block the goalkeeper's view of the ball. 

Shooting: The act of throwing the ball with the crosse toward the goal in an attempt to score. There are many types of shots, new players should focus first on mastering the overhand shot. Quick sticks, sidearms, behind the backs and more will follow as players develop.