Board of Directors

We appreciate your patience as we put the finishing touches on our new webpage.


Our 2024-2025 board members are listed further below.


If you are interested in joining the board, please contact the board for more information.  Annual board election occurs in September of each year at our annual all-club meeting.  We also have non-member opportunities to help grow and succeed on our Volunteering Page.



  • President: Shelli Gitchel Email Shelli
  • Vice President: Rick Shigaki Email Rick
  • Treasurer: Jahna Smith
  • Secretary: Krystal Manalo


Board Members:

  • Tony Chow
  • Troung Luu
  • Jenny Ramos
  • Stephanie Olson
  • Shelby Scovel
  • Nichole Treadway
  • Jeremy Gitchel
  • Rene Huges


Committee Contacts:

  • Fundraising - Jenny Ramos
  • Events/Planning - Jahna Smith
  • Communications/Social - Shelli Gitchel, Nichole Treadway, Stephanie Olson
  • Website - Stephanie Olson
  • Youth Athletics/Recruiting - Rick Shigaki Youth Division Contact
  • High School Athletics Liasons - TBD
  • Field Scheduling - Tony Chow & Troung Luu
  • Equipment Management - Jeremy Gitchel & Rene Huges
  • Volunteer Coordination - Rene Huges & Shelby Scovel