Post Game Sportsmanship Awards (3/4 and 5/6)

In order to encourage sportsmanship and build a tradition of ‘Honoring the Game’ of lacrosse at an early age, the Washington State Chapter of USA Lacrosse has designed a system for recognizing and rewarding sportsmanship. We hope that this will have a lasting positive effect on both lacrosse players and teams.


Before each 34 and 56 game, coaches from each team will select two captains responsible for the selection of two opposing players whose actions, behaviors, and play ‘honor the game’ of lacrosse. Players should know that this is not an MVP award. They should watch for more subtle occurrences that embrace sportsmanship and make lacrosse such a fun game to play.


After the game, parents are encouraged to approach the bench area to participate in the ceremony.  Each coach will highlight strengths of the opposing team, and the two captains will present Honor the Game award decals to their selected opponents. These award decals will be worn for the remainer of the season to celebrate their efforts in sportsmanship.


How do lacrosse players ‘Honor the Game’? Parents and coaches should have conversations with players about the sorts of actions which might earn recognition at practices and games throughout the season. For example:

  • Seeing a player who goes out of his way to encourage and support his own teammates.
  • Noticing a player who consistently gives his all, playing hard but fair.
  • Recognizing verbally a good play, shot, or save by an opponent.
  • Helping an opponent up off of the ground.
  • Friendly banter between attackmen and defenders when the ball is on the other end of the field.
  • Reminding an opponent about his mouth guard or a loose piece of equipment.
  • Seeing an opponent who readily accepts a being called for penalty and makes a conscious effort to learn from his mistake.
  • Players who apologize for a slash that was not called.
  • Recognizing players who willingly switch teams to help out an opponent who is short of players.
  • Congratulating an opposing goal keeper for making a great save.

Everyone Can Honor The Game

Liberty Lacrosse believes that all of us have a part in Honoring the Game.  Parents, coaches, and family members have an opportunity to lead by example.  Our standard of behavior should exceed that of our players.  We hold spectartors and players alike to our Code of Conduct.

We proudly display the banner show to here at all home games to serve as a reminder that spectators have a role in honoring the game.  Generate positive energy, celebrate effort, reinforce sportsmanship, and keep the game fun!