Lacrose Rules

Lacrosse rules vary by division.  This is especially true in field dimensions, allowable player contact, and time keeping. The governing organizations listed below provide detailed, up to date rules and videos explaining rules interpretations, fouls, and gameplay.

Boys' Youth Lacrosse

Youth Boy's Lacrosse

GELL Youth League Rules

USA Lacrosse is our national lacrosse governing body. They defining game rules and equipment standards at the youth level, and collaborate with NFHS and NCAA for rule development of game rules at upper levels of play.

USA Lacrosse also guides the training and certification of coaches and officials, as well as leading critical initiatives that support player safety on and off the field, such as concussion safety, commotio cordis, and player abuse.

GELL is our local boy's lacrosse youth (K-8) league. The league has several modified rules to enhance gameplay or clarify ambiguity in national rules.  For example, GELL divisions are organized by school grade rather than birthdate. These rules are reviewed at a league level annually.

GELL rules take precedence over USA Lacrosse rules for in season youth games.

GELL rule adaptations do not apply to tournaments organized outside of the GELL season.

Boy's High School Lacrosse

High School Boys' Lacrosse


National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) provides guidance and standards for competitive athletic and fine arts across the country to ensure that all students have an opportunity to enjoy healthy participation, achievement, and good sportsmanship in education-based activities.

Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association (WHSBLA) is the governing body for high lacrosse in our state. This developing league rules, enforcing compliance, and organizing season play, and facilitating state playoffs.

Lacrosse generally not a school district sanctioned sport in Washington, and not governed by WIAA as other high school sports.

Game Day - Table Crew and Field Setup

Team volunteers have an important role to play in our weekly games.  Running the clock, administering penalties, keeping score, and recording stats must happen at each game.

Table Crew (Scorekeeping)

  • K2 - Keep Time
  • 34 - Keep time, score, and administer penalties
  • 56-HS - Keep time, score, administer penalties, and full game stats.

Field Setup and Cleanup

  • K2/34 - Small field setup and Cleanup
  • 56/78 - First of Day - setup; Last of day - Cleanup
  • HS - Setup/Cleanup each game



Are you good at catching those bad calls from the sideline?  Try doing it on the field!

Washington Lacrosse Officials Association (WALOA) provides officials for Boys' Lacrosse at all levels of play.  This includes ongoing training and certifications for new referees.

Let the refs call the game. Let the coaches work with the refs.

Referees calling youth games are often high school players, and likely the child of someone near you on the sideline.  They are learning and growing experience in calling games, just as your player is developing their love for lacrosse in every game they play. They take pride in what they do, and enjoy giving back to a sport they love.  They are also in short supply.  Please, respect the refs.