Stick Skill Development

Passing, catching, and cradling are fundamental individual stick skills that must be developed at home. Players who take time to develop stick skills at home enjoy the game more and get more out of the practice sessions.

Coaches will take time in practices to correct the form of players, but quickly shift to emphasizing team skills as the season gets going.  Those few corrections that are given in practice will only 'stick' if your player choses to reinforce the work at home.

New players are advised to attend our preseason clinics, try the skills at loaner gear distribution, and practice at home before the season starts.

Players should start with their dominant side, and once confident in the basic form, progress to the opposite side.  Quickly incorporate wearing full gear into the routine, so the players get used to performing with the game equipment.

All players should work to a point where they can pass, catch, scoop, and cradle equally well with either hand, adding movement and direction changes into their routine, especially while cradling.  They can work off a wall, a rebounder, or with a partner.

The internet is full of training videos, these are some of our favorites:






Put throw, catch, cradle together with wall ball

Advanced Skills

Encore Brands Lacrosse Skool Playlist

Encore Brands Lacrosse Skool Playlist