Required Boys' Player Equipment

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Additional Suggested Equipment

Optional Home Training Equipment

  • Gear Bag
  • Water Bottle with long straw
  • An extra stick to practice with a friend or family member!
  • Swax Lax for practicing catch/throw
  • Craddle baby for learning to cradle
  • Rebounder for wall ball practice at home

Equipment Style Guidelines


  • Helmet: Prefer White
  • Helmet Wrap: Optional (Mascot decals provided)
  • Glove/Elbow Pads: Any color
  • Shoes: player preference, no metal baseball spikes
  • Socks: Prefer Royal Blue
  • Stick: player preference
  • Gear Bag: player preference

Show Up a Patriot!

We love that our players get involved in travel ball in the off season!

When Spring comes, we all unite as a Liberty Lacrosse Club Family.

For pride, unity, and respect of all participating, we ask players to prioritize Liberty Lacrosse branding on their field equipment at practices and games. Please leave your club pinnies at home, remove the wraps from your helmet, and wear neutral or Liberty base layers.

High School

  • Helmet: White Required
  • Helmet Wrap: Required
  • Gloves: White Required
  • Elbow Pads: White strongly recommended
  • Socks: Prefer Royal Blue
  • Practice Shorts: Royal Blue Required
  • Practice Shirt: White required
  • Stick: player preference
  • Gear Bag: Liberty bag strongly recommended

Get Your Gear

Buy Local

Dick's Sporting Goods

Online Retailers

Lacrosse wolf employs local coaches and players who know lacrosse and can get your player fitted properly.  Drop by their well- stocked store off of SR 520 in Bellevue


14220 NE 20th St. Suite D
Bellevue, WA 98007


Dick's Sporting Goods supports the club each year with donated gear and coupons.  Overlake and Grand Ridge stores tend to have better selection that other Dick's store locations.

Share Your Gear

Borrow Gear

Kids grow fast!  If you intend to donate old gear or spirit wear as your player sizes up, please donate to us to support our loaner gear program.  Our gear program is completely supported by donations from our club's families, and must be continually replenished as the existing gear wears out.

Liberty is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and donations of your gear are eligible for the same tax benefits as donating to other charities.  Your donation may also be eligible for a company match.

We kindly ask you inspect gear before donating:

  • Gloves must be free of holes and tears.
  • Shoulder pads must be recent models featuring the NOSCAE/SEI ND200 shown in the equipment guide above.
  • Cleats must be free of holes and include insoles

Thank you for supporting the growth of our club and enjoyment of lacrosse!

Liberty Lacrosse has loaner gear available for first year players, including helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, and gloves.  Mouthguard, cleats, athletic supporter/cup, and water bottle are not provided.  Select the loaner gear option when registering.  Gear will be handed out prior to start of season at a distribution event where we will get your player properly fitted and collect a deposit.  All gear must be returned at end of spring season.

Returning players should be purchasing their own gear for second season and beyond.  This enables the player to practice at home and participate in camps, and builds pride in their abilities.  It also frees up our gear to loan to new players.

Financial hardship should never be a barrier to lacrosse.  If you are a returning player in need of gear, please check select the loaner gear option during registratoin.