Game Day Help

Game days are most enjoyable when the coach and players can focus on the sport.  We need parents to help each week, from all teams, for the best game day experience.

Ways to Help on Game Day

  • Field Setup/teardown - position goals, place sideline cones, set up scoring table, place endline balls before game and at half, and get signage in place before the game, or gather all the field and table gear after last game. Everything is documented in the Game Day Guide
  • Scorer - Record the game states in the scorebook.
  • Time Keeper - Keep time for the game using our scoreboard or your phone.  Stop the clock at whistles, release players when penalty time is up.
  • Spotter - Watch the game, call the ball movement and game action for the score keeper, especially ground balls, shots, and goals.
  • Sideline parent - Tie shoes, enforce hydration, herd players in the box, and generally keep players in line so coach can focus on managing the game.
  • Videographer - Setup and manage our game video system, upload videos to server after game
  • Announcer/Scoreboard Operations (High School Only) - Run the big board in the stadium and/or call the plays for the crowd
  • Ask your coach! - From shaggin balls to warming up the goalie, coach can use a couple extra hands.

Field Setup

Scoring Table Training

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